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Who has the best electronic cigarettes in Canada?

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Over the past two years my website has received a great deal of notoriety within the electronic cigarette industry
in Canada and as a result people are flocking to my website to the tune of over 1000 visitors per day.

Canadian e cigarette suppliers are contacting me on a daily basis asking me to review their products in hopes that I will publish a favorable review on my site, so naturally I decided to publish my favorites and in turn help you to make an informed buying decision

So without further ado... here's a list of my top 3 favorites out of 57 electronic cigarette companies in Canada who sent me samples of their products to review

CanCigs.ca is definitely my personal favorite among all 57 suppliers that sent me their products for review, they have nice selection of starter kits, disposables, cartomizers and accessories.

One of the things that I love about this company (aside from their great products) is that they are the only company who sell cartridges that come pre-filled there's no need to fill your own cartridges with sticky juices or to mess around cleaning atomizers an a weekly basis

I'm often asked what I would recommend as the best electronic cigarette in Canada and I absolutely have no hesitation in recommending their Pro Starter Kit or their Basic kit for those on a tighter budget

I prefer the Black Model when I want to have that sophisticated look or the Traditional Model when I want a more casual look, I also highly recommend their disposables if you would rather try them out first before investing in a complete kit.

I encourage you to check out all of their products on their website and I'm confident that you will be more than delighted with whatever you chose to purchase. They are so confident in themselves that they stand behind their products with a solid guarantee that all of their E-Cig devises will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a full 60 Days or they will exchange it with a brand new one 100% free of charge including shipping!

Visit Their Website Here
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ECIG CANADA has a fairly decent assortment of E-Cigarettes, E-Cigars, E-Pipes and Personal Herb Vapourizers, however two major drawbacks for me were:

  • 1) You have to add the e-liquid to the cartridges yourself (they do not come pre-filled)

  • 2) Their models are 3 piece models which means you'll have to clean and replace atomizers frequently

I'm personally not a big fan of having to add the e-liquid to the cartridges, I would much rather go with pre-filled cartridges, it's just a lot let hassle in my opinion.

Also, the fact that you have to add your own eliquid was a disappointment and I think that there are many who will agree, after all, if you are anything like me you are probably looking for an electronic cigarette as a substitute to your traditional cigarettes and therefore would much rather just pull out a ecig any any given moment ad begin using immediately.

The fact that their e-juices are nicotine-free means that you will be going "cold turkey" and we all know how difficult that can be.

As much as I liked the quality of their products, I personally feel that they are more suited to individuals who are more interested in "Vaping" versus smoking e-cigs as a means of trying to quit the real thing.

EsmokerCanada has a nice selection of products, however they are essentially a dealer for the Joyetech, Ego and Eclipse line of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers which are sold by many other e-cig companies online, therefore it would be wise to price compare before committing yourself to a purchase.

They also have their own line of e-cigarettes they call the Esmoker 510-T which is really nothing more than a re-branded version of the Joyetech 510-T, with all that said it is important for me to mention that Joyetech, Ego and Eclipse are well known brands in the industry and have good reputations as being quality products.

Once again, I ran into the same two drawbacks as I did with so many other Canadian Electronic Cigarette suppliers, and those were:

  • 1) Cartridges must be filled by you (this can be messy and is a hassle in my opinion)

  • 2) Their models are 3 piece models which means you'll have to clean and replace atomizers frequently

I think much of the reason why so many companies don't sell nicotine e-liquids or nicotine filled cartridges is because of a ruling that was handed down by Health Canada in 2009 which states that e-cigarettes containing nicotine are not legal... however I know for a fact that it is still legal to sell vials of liquid nicotine for the purpose of refilling cartridges

It appears that the Health Canada ruling has got many suppliers shaking in their boots and most of them have simply decided not to sell any nicotine related products, period!

So if you are looking for electronic cigarettes with nicotine then this company may not be a good solution for you unless of course you go elsewhere to buy nicotine e-juices, otherwise if nicotine is not important to you and you don't want to fill your own cartridges then you might want to check out CanCigs.ca

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