Vapers in Canada growing exponentially

Ecig industry spawns a new group of users known as vapers

by: Ryan Anderson

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Because of the multitude of cutting-edge smokeless e cigarettes being released into the market one can understand why a completely different group of electronic cig users has developed named Vapers. On many occasions this generation of vaping aficionados will attend clubs or vape lounges and analyze the different flavors, vapour and nicotine levels also putting their heads together to evaluate other ideas of bettering the performance of the personal electronic vaporizers simply by modifying or removing several elements, this is called modding and now has fast become the in thing to do amidst the vaping crowd.

Modded PV's will normally have a more powerful lithium-ion batteries that can increase or lower the voltage out-put until the time that the perfect vapour has been achieved.
Another approach that those who enjoy vaping use to perfect vapour is to deliver a few drops of flavored e-liquid right on the atomizer (atty), this technique is called dripping or to drip and tremendously improves the thickness of the vapour and flavour that is achieved, dripping works best when done on smokeless personal e-vaporizers.

Smokeless e cigars are a new product addition to the Smokeless e cigarette industry, they function in the same way that e-cigarettes do except they look like a real cigar . Electronic vapor pipes are also a relatively new product addition into the smokeless electronic cigarette sector, appearing and functioning almost exactly like authentic pipes that we have all seen.

Another innovative product called a smokless e shisha pen has exploded into the marketplace and has swiftly become the ideal alternative smoking product for people who wish to give up smoking an authentic hookah. Expert testing prove that two puffs from a traditional hookah with shisha equates to 1 full traditional cigarette, therefore a standard session on a hookah of about 100 draws would equal around 50 tobacco cigarettes with respect to adverse health effects on the body, ehookah sticks have proven to be a healthier alternative.

Electronic smoking products have made major advancements concerning style, efficacy and components which has made way for a wide variety of e cigs to find their way in to Canada’s market.

The earliest style smokeless electronic cigarettes from a few years ago utilized 3 main components, a re-fillable cart you need to add flavored e liquid to using an e-juice dropper bottle, a disposable atty that heats up the ejuice transforming it from liquid in to a cloud of vapor, and finally a lithium ion battery that is necessary to power the replaceable atomizer by manually pushing down on an activation switch at the same time a person takes a puff on it. After you assemble all of the elements together you end up with a product that looks like a conventional combustable tobacco cigarette.

By way of the continuous high tech advancements in the industry, smokeless e cigarette companies have been capable of building a 2 piece style incorporating the replaceable atty with the re-fillable cartridge to manufacture what have now become referred to as a cartomizer.

Disposable Cartos are auto activated and are already pre-filled with flavored liquid which means you won't need a re-fillable cartridge, as well as eliminating the need to press a manual activation button therefore achieving a far more pleasurable experience of smoking a real cigarette.

The highest rated electronic vapor cigarettes on the Canadian marketplace at present time are the ever popular 2 part electronic vapor cigs that are normally seen in e-cig starter kits ranging from basic smokeless e-cigarette kits to advanced starter kits. The typical basic electronic vapor cig starter kit normally includes a lithium-ion battery, three or four disposable cartomizers and a charging cable. Advanced e-cig kits include all of those aforementioned components as well as a couple of extra pieces like a/c chargers as well as personal charging cases.

When in doubt of whether or not e-cigs will be a good fit for you do yourself a favour and procure a disposable smokeless e cigarette. All legitimate e-cigarette providers sell disposable electronic vapor cigarettes at a very reasonable cost thereby giving you a chance of trying them first before investing your hard earned money on a more expensive electronic vapor cigarette starter kits.

Every single e-cigarette contains flavored eliquid with some of these four elements: PG, Vegetable Glycerin (also called VG), artificial flavor and nicotine. Depending on your geographical location the sale, importation and advertising of e cigs that incorporate nicotine could possibly be banned so it would be wise to know the legalities before you purchase smokeless e-cigs containing flavored eliquid with nicotine from web sites not in your country.

The smokeless e cig industry is growing by leaps and bounds and several product variations are now being marketed, but still to this very day the consensus among the vast majority of smokers in Canada all indicate that the dual component smokeless e cigarettes are definitely the most preferred.
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