Coupon codes are all the rage these days, everybody wants one, in fact it is estimated that over 90% of people will search for a promo code just prior to clicking the "Buy Button", however, it wasn't always that way, there was once a time when merchants set a specific price and that's what you paid... Period!

But now with all those coupon code websites popping up all over the Internet it has become expected of merchants to offer a discount of some sort or risk losing the customer to a competitor who does.

ePuffer®  has come to realize the importance of offering a coupon code to be used at checkout, so Shawn Shal  the Managing director at has graciously provided me with a unique ePuffer coupon code: SAVE15 that can be used by anyone who clicks through to their official Canadian website at 

I know a lot of people will go on a hunt for a bigger ePuffer coupon code in Canada always thinking that there has got to be a better one out there, and then they will waste a ton of time trying out a multitude of different codes only to find that they don't work most of the time, some people will even become so frustrated with the failing coupon codes that they end up abandoning there shopping cart in spite.

Save yourself the aggravation of finding a coupon code that actually works... use the coupon code: SAVE15 as I can assure you that it is the Largest ePuffer discount code in Canada and is guaranteed to work 100% of the time!

Hey, Warren here

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The Biggest ePuffer Coupon Code in Canada - Guaranteed!

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Get  a 15% Discount - Enter Promo Code: SAVE15 at Checkout!  (copy & paste code on:   
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SAVE15 is the Biggest Coupon Code that ePuffer Offers — Guaranteed to work 100% of the time!
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